Who called from this phone number: 02080929482 ?

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anonym - about: 8638660021

Number called me, just curious. Feel like I've been called by this #

anonym - about: 6468687118

Called 4 times same time two days in a row before I blocked the number. Never answered to see who it was

anonym - about: +16472476541

calls everyday and I can't seem to block the number

anonym - about: 6085612739

Want to know where the number is pinging off of

anonym - about: +9466503684

I answered the call once and a woman says hello but in the background i can also heard many tagalog voices of a men talking

anonym - about: 07796617178

Frequently disturbed by calls from this number. Have asked them to stop, they just hang up

anonym - about: 9176395885

said my name and the hanged up

anonym - about: 61285211865

random caller

anonym - about: 11423705463

He tried to get me to install teamviewer for who knows what

anonym - about: 01772307109

Asked for my husband but wouldn't say who was calling then asked if he worked full time ?


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